Fundraising and donations

We would like to give a warm welcome to our new website visitors and facebook group members and a thank you to everyone for your support. 

Us as a team are asking for your help. 
We have never really asked for donations or financial assistance from you but times are changing and we are seeing more special Leo's and complicated cases coming into our care. 

These more special dogs are requiring dedicated input from us as a team our foster carers, and our team behaviourist. 

LCGB Rescue and Welfare team give up their time on a voluntary basis and there is lots going on behind the scenes, including rehabilitation and training and home visits by our behaviourist with training and behavioural plans for each specific dog being put in to place for new Leo owners or those families requesting help with their beloved leonberger. 

We know it is a big ask but we are appealing to you all that if possible you could be so kind to give a small donation to our rescue and welfare fund to be able to continue to provide this much needed care, and assist us to continue to provide these special dogs and their families with the support they need. 

If you feel you could make a donation no matter how small we have a newly set up PayPal account. 
Please send your donations to: 

Don't forget to choose the friends and family option for your donation so fees aren't deducted. 

Please also keep an eye out on our Facebook group and website for up and coming fundraising events.  

Once again thank you to you all for your support and continued interaction with our group. We hope you continue to enjoy and share our posts and informative information. 

Kind regards 

LCGB Rescue and Welfare team

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