ATTENTION: For dog walkers in Norfolk


Dog-walkers in HEMSBY in NORFOLK have been warned after blue pellets which resembled poison were found next to a litter bin on YARMOUTH ROAD in HEMSBY, Norfolk  

The blue pellets said to resemble rat poison were found in a pile of food on a public road in March 2019 

Concerned residents in Hemsby contacted Great Yarmouth Borough Council after food and blue pellets mixed together had been strewn on the ground on Yarmouth Road. 

The council’s environmental team has visited the area, placed a warning notice on the bin and is monitoring the site. 

A mother and daughter were walking their dog when they saw what appeared to be cat biscuits and poison pellets mixed together beside the bin. 

They cleaned up the mess but it was there again the next day. 

A similar concoction has been found in the past few days in HEACHAM in NORFOLK. 

Please be vigilant when walking your dogs

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