If you see a dog wearing a yellow body shirt or has a yellow lead or wearing a yellow bandana or something similar. This means that a dog needs some space. 

Please, do not approach this dog or its owner with your dog and do not let your dog run up to say hello. Yellow accessories or leads are usually an indication that their dog cannot be close to other dogs or can be reactive towards other dogs through fear or other reasons. 

Reasons why a dog may need space: 

It may... 

* be a rescue dog that is nervous 
* need rehabilitation 
* have health issues 
* have had a bad experience with another dog and is nervous of friendly/any dogs that run up to say hello  
* be in training 
* be very old  
* be nervous or shy and other dogs cause it stress 

Some yellow leads also have "I need space" or "reactive dog" written on them 
A dog may be reactive on the lead more so than off lead, that is why dogs should not meet whilst on leads as there is no where for them to run to. When scared or nervous a dog in flight or fight mode whilst on a lead feels it can only fight as the lead is their restriction to avoid their fear or a scary situation. 

It is always a good idea to place your dog on its lead if another dog is in the immediate area.  
When some owners let their dogs run up to other dogs with the statement "it's ok, my dog is friendly" it is not the same for all dogs and the risk of a reaction or negative incident between dogs is a strong possibility. This can easily be avoided.  


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